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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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these are all god's children whether they are here or around the world and if these are abandoned children and willing and able and fit parents here who can take care of them why on earth would you have them languish in the institutions. it is a heartbreak and i know we will pray for you and all of the american families now in limbo. we he hope mrs. clinton and the entire state department, i know they are working on this. >> please. >> laura: i will help them and a lot o of people will help them. i will do whatever i can to help break this log jam. we wish you the best of luck. just house keeping do not forget i will be back on the radio wednesday january 2. a happy new year. that is it for us today. thanks for watching. the spin always stops here because we are looking out for captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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now i have said from the very beginning the president, he wants to convince you that he will do everything in his power to stop us from going over this cliff. unfortunately that has never been the case. the president and his democratic allies, they are hoping we do go over the fiscal cliff, and i make the contention, this an their plan from day one. why? had this would give the democrats everything they want. democrats would get to raise taxes on you, every american. they will get massive defense cuts that they have always dreamed of, and to top it all off they would also get to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of republican lawmakers. but this president is playing a very dangerous game of chicken with our economy. and yesterday they detailed how serious this situation is. in a let secretary geithner explains what will happen if the u.s. hits the debt ceiling on the 31st and is not able to pay their bills.
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treasury department will have to take extraordinary measures. i'm not sure what he hopes to achieve by sending that letter because the senator leader has showed he's incapable of acting. they have not passed a budget in the u.h. senate in over 1,000 days. and in speaking on the senate floor instead of offering solutions senator reed started pointing fingers again and again. watch this. >> if we go over the cliff, and it looks like that's where we are headed, the house of representatives, as we speak, with four days left, aren't here with the speaker having told them he will give them 48 hours notice. i can't imagine their consciouses, they are out wherever they are around the country and we are here trying to get something done. john boehner seems to care more about keeping his speaker ship on keeping the nation on firm financial footing. it's obvious, mr. president, what is going on around here.
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he's waiting until january 3rd to get re-elected as speaker before he gets serious with negotiations because he has so many people over there that won't follow what he wants. >> senator reed went on to refer to speaker boehner as a, quote, dictator. watch this. >> the american people i don't think understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it's been operated with a dictatorship of the speaker. >> now this entire fiasco could have easily been avoided if senate democrats would have passed an extension of the bush tax cuts. the house sent them that bill months ago. they have been in control of the senate for years so why haven't they passed a judgment? they aren't serious about our nation's debts and deficits. we are $16 trillion in debt, we are running out of money yet again, trillion dollars deficits every year for the past four years, and get this, we are also borrowing at this moment 46
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cents of every dollar they spend in washington. on top of that social security is going bankrupt, as is medicare, and all obama is fighting for is increasing taxes that will only pay for 8 1/2 days of government spending. now president obama has not been a leader on this. he's not been serious. he's been acting weak and, of course, clinging to his radical ideology. enough is enough. maybe it's time to have the republicans call the president's bluff. let him take the country over the fiscal cliff if he so chews. republicans were elected to get the fiscal house in order. maybe it's time to stand up for your kids, your grandchildren. maybe they should dig in their heels and say they are looking out for the future and future generations. maybe now is is a time to take a principle stand and say they are not going to let washington continue with the out of control spending, the debts and deficit. maybe now at this moment maybe that's the right thing to do. joining me now with reaction to the developing steer are
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congressman loui gomert and -- go ahead. >> i can totally with him that he cannot imagine our consciouses in the house because you would have to have one to imagine ours, and he's shown repeatedly over three years of no budget? come on. the guy has to have no conscious or he would have been embarrassed and would have given up leadership on his own if he had any conscious whatsoever. we have passed a bill to deal with the fiscal cliff. congressman, let me go through this. they haven't passed a bill in 1300 days in the united states senate. constitutionally, something by law they are required to do. they haven't done it. the president, 18 hours on the
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golf course, 20 hours in the air, plenty of time working out. now he races back to washington, you know, like the lone ranger on his horse silver in to save the day. this isn't serious. this is not a president that's serious about spending, is it? >> this is not about leadership. 1,337 days, harry reid hasn't pass add a budget. they have been in control the whole time. this fiscal cliff was predictable. we knew this was going to happen two years ago. and don't forget, these are the bush-obama tax cuts. all the president needs to do is actually propose some spending cuts. i think with geithner's admission that the debt ceiling will be burst through on december 31st clearly shows it's a problem. it's time to cut spending, not for now but future generations that have to pay this off.
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>> it seems to me, congressman gohmert, the bush tax cuts have been law since 2001-2003. it seems if the president doesn't want to go over the fiscal cliff, you guys pass the bill, harry reid could do something he hasn't done in over three years, pass it in the senate, give it to the president, and nobody's taxes are going to go up, crisis averred and then they can spend team after the new year negotiating tax reform, entitlement reform, living within our means. why don't they just do that? >> well, they could, but they want to demonize the house. they want to pontiff indicate without actually doing anything in the way of legislating. sean, if you look back at the history, the deficit ceiling bill back a year ago had the super committee and i think you and i knew it wasn't going to work. but one of our republican senators made a proposal to raise taxes and two senate democrats were reported to have
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said, wow, this is a breakthrough. we can get a deal now. we will be able to work this out. they go talk to president obama and harry reid, come back and say, sorry, we are not allowed to work a deal. they didn't want a deal then, they don't want a deal now. it worked out well for them not to allow a deal last time. they blamed us all last year. the mainstream media helped them, and it worked. he got re-elected. so they figure why not go over the cliff, blame republicans, not let the senate pass anything, we get away with it again. >> all right. here's, then, the quandary, the morale dilemma, congressman huelskamp. for the republicans, it was interesting when speaker boehner brought up plan b and in the house they said we aren't going to go along with it. we made a promise not to raise taxes and address the spending issues. in principle pell it's the right thing. now it will come back at some
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point, will the republicans hold the line on the principles that they ran on or do you expect that maybe many of them will cave? could me i think the american people would like principled leadership. does that exist? >> i think it does. the house acted. we acted on august is 11th and last week we rejected a proposal from our leadership that would have gone where the president wants to go and raise taxes on certain -- certain folks. but we have acted. the senate has not acted. they haven't acted for 1,337 days on a budget. they haven't acted on months on this issue. we knew the end of the year was coming. we knew taxes would go up if they did nothing and here we see harry reid demanding the house do something when he won't call the senate into action. they are working on the fiscal cliff bills. mr. reed, go to work. you have had years to lead this senate. go to work on that. >> i agree. and president obama -- >> and if we stick to our core presence pells. but i'm worried both sides will
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cave on principles and the real issue here is spending. it's a spending problem that is demonstrated by the debt ceiling issue that just came up. >> that's right. >> so where do we go from here, congressman gohmert? it's been put squarely in the senate in their hands. and we heard from harry reid today." he doesn't have any intention of moving forward. president at the last hour is reaching out finally to some republicans in the senate but they don't have the right to originate constitutionally spending bills from there. where do we go from here? >> either the senate will do their constitutional duty of taking a bill that originated in the house in dealing with this issue and pass their version of it. then it would go to a conference committee where a compromise gets worked out. harry reid is becoming the ultimate cliff diver here by saying we aren't even going to let our house -- their senate house function. we are going to dive off the
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cliff and blame the republicans on every ledge down the way. >> all right, gentlemen. good to see you. we will ten to monitor this. we appreciate you being with us and happy new year to both of you. >> good to see you, sean. >> all right. as we continue the special fiscal cliff edition of hannity, we continue to monitor. tonight we will be joined by our panel and then later tonight new york governor andrew cuomo takes a very controversial stance on gun control. when it comes to weapons, he's mentioning the word con first indication. >> con first indication could be an option, right? >> yeah we've never done that before. >> and mandatory sale to the state could be an option. >> that's a form of confiscation. [ laughter ]
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citi price rewind. start saving at >> it's no secret some prominent democrats seem to be okay with going over the fiscal cliff. what about republicans? it may not be a bad thing to pay a principled stand out of the out of control spending. joining me now to explain whether it's a good idea we have juan williams and brent brazel. good to see you. >> good to see you, sean. >> before we go forward, in light of the newtown shooting, i
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found these comments by the house minority leader so over the top, and very little criticism, very little notice in the media, but i think it's important that we highlight it, especially in light of the shooting. watch this. >> it's somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, i'm going to shoot my child if you don't do what i want done. you don't want to shoot your child. there's no republican leader that wants to default on our debt. >> juan, i know you would never support something like that. but you would think, is there any little sensitivity here? >> i agree. we don't need that kind of right now. we don't need it. and i think this is his point, republicans have been playing hardball, and i think when you say the president hasn't made concessions, i think you are off base. i think the president said
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listen, it's everybody, it's 98% of the americans that he wants to give an extension of the bush tax cuts to. and he negotiated and said i will go up to 99%, 400,000. so he lifted that rate. >> wait a minute. >> and then he raised the -- >> wait a minute, hang on a minute. >> wait. here you have a major concession by john boehner, which ultimately the republicans weren't going to go along with. but he said he would increase rates. he went to $1 million. >> yeah. >> the president mocks him publicly and said, oh, i won, and he said, oh, he wants to give tax cuts to those that make $900,000 a year. does that sound productive to you, juan or does that sound like he was rubbing it right in his face? >> you can't blame president obama and the democrats for the fact that republicans, his own republicans, abandoned john boehner, took away his power to negotiate with president obama
6:18 pm
and pretty much went home and they are still at home. it's unbelievable. three quarters of the american people think compromise. and compromise includes spending cuts and tax hikes. >> can i get a word in, guys? >> brent, the republicans passed a bill. the republicans pass it had. senate democrats haven't passed a bill in 1300 days. you have to be kidding me. >> it's much easier for the democrats to sit and file their nails and say those awful republicans. look at those awful republicans go. the democrats haven't done anything. now what is the opposition to this super tax on the greedy rich? well, the republicans have argued for 20, 30, 40, 50 years that high taxes stifle economic growth. president obama said two years ago when he didn't do this two years ago, he said the wrong thing to do in a bad economy is to raise taxes. now suddenly both sides are considering doing exactly that. you've got three different
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studies of that shown that if you raise these taxes, you are going to kill somewhere between $700,000 and -- 700,000 and 1.1 million jobs. but all that not be standing, it has nothing to do with the issue. the issue has been, will continue to be, spending. >> okay. >> that's what no one wants to talk about. >> no, wait a second, brent. everybody wants to talk about it. i mean everybody says we have to do something about spending in this country. today the treasury secretary geithner came out and said we are going to approach, you know, the debt ceiling much more quickly than we anticipated. so everybody, republican and democrat. and i was just saying to sean here's the president saying we've got to do something about spending. simpson-bowles was asking for $2 billion or something in tax hikes. he's down now to 1.2. saying we have to do something in terms of limbing the rate of growth by changing the gpi to entitlement spending. >> but, juan, here's the problem
6:20 pm
with everything you just said. it's just lovely rhetoric. it doesn't mean a blasted thing. you have revenues of $2.5 trillion entering the treasury. folks, understand the size of that. that's $2,500,000,000,000. and we're being told we can't live off of that, we need -- right now we are spending $3.6 trillion. this is insanity. someone has got to have the backbone to come up with specific -- stop talking about how we need to cut. come up with the cuts. the republicans -- >> stay right there. i'm going to ask you about that when we get back but we are taking a sledgehammer and robbing our children blind and stealing from them. and the fact that very few people aren't talking about it is one of the reasons that i think we need people of principle in washington. we will come back. after the break, michelle malkin and charles krauthammer will be
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue with juan williams and brent brazell. so the senate doesn't do their 1300 days, they don't pass a budget because they are too gut less to pass a budget. >> oh, come on. >> they won't put it on paper. the president last week is playing golf, 18 hours on the golf course. more than i have spent in a year. and he's now holding the line,
6:25 pm
if i have this straight here, for what amounts to 8 1/2 days of government spending. he's willing to raise everybody's taxes and hold the country hostage over the issue and the economy hostage because he so wants his rate increase for 8 1/2 days of spending? tell me where the sense in that is. >> you know, you know, i'll give you this. you are strong on principle, sean. but let me tell you something, you are way, way out of line with the thinking of the american people. it's something like 60% now, i think it's in the mid-50% of americans who approve of president obama's handling of the budget negotiations. the president cut his vacation short. and you talk about the senate doing nothing. >> let me ask you this. >> the senate has passed a bill that would give an extension of the bush tax cuts to 98% of americans, sean. 98%. john boehner, a guy i like very
6:26 pm
much, but john boehner's ratings are now lower than nancy please sis. that's what the american people think about the way the republicans have handled it. >> the senate hasn't done their job in 1300 days and somehow, brent, the blame is on the republicans who did pass a bill, and president obama, of course, the media in love with him, there's been no criticism of him either. >> look, i disagree on two points, juan. where the senate is concerned, let's also keep in mind this. republicans and the house have passed hundreds of bills of that never seen the light of day because every single time harry reid refuses to bring them up for a vote in the senate. so for this man 20 turnaround and stay that the republicans are dillydallying when it's the republicans who have been showing up in the house for two years and he's done nothing is
6:27 pm
adommable. the president is playing this very well. this is a masterpiece on his participate but it's also a complete obfiscation. and right now, juan williams, you tell me what president obama has said he would stand unand cut to balance the budget. >> he said he would change our rate of growth in the country, the cpi. >> can you believe talk. >> he's talking about medicare and republicans have talked about eligibility age. >> juan, double talk. give us specifics. >> if you limit the rate of growth, you will see that we will spend less money. that's what we want to do. >> the quintessential washington answer. it's the quintessential washington answer. now give me a specific. we have $3.6 trillion in spending. that's 1.1 trillion above what we can afford. what of the 1.1 trillion has the president recommended we stop spending money on?
6:28 pm
>> what we are saying here is what you don't do is take a hatchet. what you do is slow the rate of growth of these programs, brent. that's the way you do it. you don't want seniors thrown out. you don't need people who need education denied education. >> zero cuts? >> no, not zero cuts. and we talked about even john boehner take saying yes in terms of age of eligibility to get into medicare, that's a major step for our country. it would reduce spending. >> republicans are playing the same game. i'm not saying republicans are squeaky clean on this. i think some of them are guilty, as well. but no one has the guts to do what everyone campaigned on. everyone campaigned on restoring fiscal sanity and blah, blah, blah. no one's got the guts to do it. >> let me answer brent's point. juan said something 20 me a moment ago i want to aggression. juan, you said maybe i'm out of touch. maybe i am, juan, but to me it's immoral what we are doing by
6:29 pm
stealing our children's money. and, juan, i don't think we are able to pay it back. and there's nobody in washington in this whole debate, and brent is right, there's some republicans, as well, that are just willing to make any deal to make this go away. >> oh, gosh. >> but to steal from our children this way and smash open their piggy banks is a morale disgrace. >> and it's not immoral to crash the entire economy? in other words, to say, oh, yeah, wall street go crazy, global economy collapse, and say we did it because we stood on principle and raised taxes on everybody because we stood on principle? that doesn't help our children, sean. >> juan, the republicans -- wait. >> the republicans passed a bill. the bush tax cuts, of that been on for 11 years can continue. that's up to the president and harry reid. >> 98%, if they just say to what the president is offering, 98%. in fact, it's up to 99 if you go up to the $400,000. >> but the president made fun
6:30 pm
and mocked speaker boehner. >> oh, my gosh. >> when he said let's do it at a million. and the president said you are supporting those that make 900,000. >> that's not negotiating," sean. >> juan, you are talking about what doesn't matter. eye not taxes, it's spending. i know the comfort zone. the comfort zone of the left is to talk about the greedy rich that won't pay their fair share." it has nothing to do with this. >> i wish you would listen to the idea that compromise is not a bad word. >> okay. okay, then, fine. let's all agree on tax cuts for 98%. >> how about we compromise on spending? juan, if we don't -- >> let's lower -- >> juan, i have a plan. i like the mac-penny plan. you cut one penny out of every dollar after you freeze spending for six years and we will balance the budget. washington is incapable. it's a drug. it's heroin, crack cocaine all wrapped up in one and they
6:31 pm
refuse to do it because their power is predicated on it. >> i think you will see that there are republicans that understand we want to do it in a way that allows our economy to continue to recover, that does not endanger the world economy. as we approach the cliff, that's what we are talking about. >> the real cliff is america has become a greece. thank you both. >> happy new year's, guy. >> good to see you both. coming up, what exactly is going to happen if we go over the so-called fiscal cliff. what happens to your wallet. we will detail the five ways this is going to impact your family, your wallet and your finances. and also new york governor an drew cuomo is ready for a fight over gun control. he's even talking about confiscating weapons. how far is he going to go? all of that and more later. and sam donaldson tells tea party america this is not your country anymore. oh, really? we will check in straight ahead. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> as the likelihood of going over the fiscal cliff becomes greater by the hour, what does it mean to you, the american taxpayer, and your wallet. we have broken down the most important things everyone must know if we do in fact go over the cliff. joining me is charles payne
6:35 pm
and --. >> i'm actually with brite-bart news, just to let you know. >> okay, i apologize. let's start with the basics. what does this mean for the average american if, in fact, december 31st comes and goes we go over the cliff? keri? >> first of all, it will be like a twilight zone for a lot of people in the middle class. it's almost like you will have a number of people who were trying to actually get into the upper income levels and then all of a sudden rod sterling is going to come along and say, yeah, guess what, you are rich, but you are going to lose everything. for one thing, we are going to see the -- we are going to see a number of people lose their jobs. about 3.4 million jobs are projected to be lost according to the cbo. we are also going to see the obamacare tax hikes hit us if you don't have healthcare then you are going to be hit with a
6:36 pm
penalty. if your employer doesn't provide you with healthcare, they are going to be hit with a penalty. also, the amt tax patch, if they don't fix that, then -- alternative minimum, and that will not us. about people in the middle class who never thought they are going to get hit, they are going to find out they are well think. those are a couple things that are going to hit a number of people in this country. >> charles, let me go through it real quick and let you respond to each and every one of them, if i can. the first one will be, of course, the doc fix that kerry was just talking about. it would also mean capital gains where the capital gains rate will go as high as 55% for many americans -- i'm sorry, it will go up to 20% from 15%. estate tax goes to 50%. obamacare taxes for many individuals will be .9% on those
6:37 pm
earning over $200,000. that's another full percentage point. also we have a penalty tax will be imposed on the individuals. and also some employers. then on top of that we have, as kerry mention the, the alternative minimum tax patch. so we have five huge consequences right out of the box. you cover the economy every day. what does that mean to you and how does that affect the average person that will watch this go through? >> a lot of people entered the new year thinking i can't wait to file my taxes so i can get my tax return check. here is the irony and we will start from the bottom of the list. amt is my favorite thing to talk about because it's also known as the wealth tax. it was created 43 years ago because evil, greedy people were not paying their quote, unquote, fair share. this time it could affect $34 million people starting at $74,000. why? it was never indexed for inflation.
6:38 pm
it was one of these taxes put into plate for punitive measures very much like legislation we see all the time now, not to help the economy, but to somehow punish those people who seem to have the upper hand on all of us. as far as everything else is concerned, unemployment, let's talk about that. anyone receiving extended unemployment benefits, kiss those good-bye january 6th. the economy, it won't collapse january 1st, but the snowball starts to roll and the further it rolls the faster it rolls and becomes a concentric circle and becomes a giant boulder that could take five or six percent out of our gdp by the end of the year. >> ironically the alternative minimum tax is supposed to hit the wealthy but millions of middle income people will be hit here. and an interesting observation, will are people that will see their estate taxes, after they paid tacks their entire lives, will go up to 55%.
6:39 pm
that's how much the government will take. after you paid all your tacks the government will get more than half of what you have left. that includes the gold in your teeth and maybe some spare change in your pocket. pretty sad. that is confiscator to more than anything else. >> also known as the death tax. keep in mind, sean, the estate tax also, it actually lapsed in 2010 and there were jokes going around saying it is time that people should pull the plug on the relative? but remember it came back in 2011 and it ended up coming back at 35%. but if you go over the cliff it goes up to 55%. >> all right. unbelievable. guys, good to see you. great information. we will continue to follow it. appreciate it. coming up, president obama returns early from his vacation, or so he says. charles krauthammer is here to analyze the anointed one coming back early and much more straight ahead. let's give thanks -
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>> after he so selfishly cut short his christmas vacation in hawaii, he's back in washington for the last minute fight over the looming fiscal cliff. but both sides aisle say there's no deal in site. it makes us wonder what has the president been doing and what has he accomplished up to this point? should he have jetted off for a tropical vacation and a little r and r this joining me now, the one and only charles
6:43 pm
krauthammer. charles, merry christmas and happy new year. >> thank you very much. you too. >> let's look at the politics of this. we saw what happened with the plan b. the senate has not passed a budget in over 1300 days. president goes off, 18 hours on the golf course, 20 hours in the air. how do you view this politically and should republicans even consider that? >> well, i don't begrudge him his holiday. i do begrudge what he's done in this fiscal cliff talks. it's been very clear from the beginning that he had no intention to solve the fiscal issues. he's been using this, and i must say with great skill and ruthless skill and success, to fracture and basically shatter the republican opposition. the only, you know, redoubt of the opposition is the house. and his objective from the very beginning was to break the will of the republicans in the house and to create an internal civil
6:44 pm
war and he's done that. how did he do it? from also insisting from day one after the election that the republicans had to raise rates. there's no reason at all to get the revenue that he needed and that the speaker was offering him that you had to raise rates. obama himself, as you know, said last july, july, 2011, you can get $1.2 trillion by eliminating loopholes, which is exactly what republicans offered him. so why did he insist on the rates? he said that is what he will insist upon, and that was the ultimatum. he did that because he knew it would create a crisis among the republicans and it did. so right up until now obama has what he wanted, which was a partisan, political success. he's been less worried about the fiscal issue for two reasons. number one, he does not care about debt. he hasn't in the four years. and number two, he thinks he's a political winner if we go over the cliff. he thinks he's holding all the
6:45 pm
cards. >> all right. charles, let me agree with one point. you use the term, and i will concede that's the perfect term, ruthless skill. but, as bob woodward pointed out when he wrote this book about the grand bargain negotiations, it's not going to be looked at through this historical prism as the boehner era, this is the obama e.r.a. if the economists are right and things don't go well for the country, doesn't the president have to worry about that legacy of his? >> i agree with you entirely. i have argued from the beginning that republicans should hold out. that they had more strength than they thought. that obama wasn't holding all the cards. i think he has the advantage obviously because republicans in all the policy are the ones who will take the blame. but nonetheless, the larger issue, if you are obama, is not who is popular and who is not, he's won his last election. that doesn't matter anymore. what obama does care about and
6:46 pm
should care about is his legacy. if you go over the cliff he may get a bump temporarily and the republicans will take a hit but his legacy will be his second term. and if he wrecks the economy, as he would, by not being able to remedy the consequences of going over the cliff, then he's going to have a failed second term and a failed history -- history will remember him as a failed president. now, what he probably thinks, if he can go over the cliff, the republicans will take a hit, he will have public opinion behind him and then he can undo the damage one issue at a time by getting a reduction by a return of the majority of the bush tax rates, standing unemployment, whatever else he wants to do he can get that one piece of legislation at a time so that he won't suffer the consequence of a second recession of 9% unemployment. so i think that's his calculation. but i do think that he's putting a lot in jeopardy. if we go over the cliff, it's going to be a very shaky response probably from wall
6:47 pm
street. consumer confidence is going to be hit. he could be damaged more economically and the country would than i think he imagines. so i think he could be overplaying his hand. i think he's been doing that in terms of the fiscal issue. >> i also think, charles, one more example of him rigidly clinging to his radical ideology of his. and let me go to the republican side of it. i've been saying the same thing. i think the republicans had a much stronger hand than they even new. now with the debt ceiling being reached again, they have the power of the purse. the question for them is what is in their best interest politically in is it in their best interest to stand on their principle, that i would argue they should be rewarded for, or is it better for them to capitulate, and as i hear there are a lot of republicans that will take any deal that obama will give them because they are scared to death. >> i think the republicans will have a much stronger hand,
6:48 pm
assuming we go over the cliff, assuming obama stays very hard line and offers only humiliating conditions, the republicans resistor do nothing, then we go over the cliff, then i think you are right. the republicans have a pretty strong hand because obama then has to worry about the debt ceiling. now with he says that's a game i won't play. he has to play. he's the president. he's responsible for the full faith and credit of the united states. and he's got republicans in charge of the house. that's the will of the people. that's the result of an election. and they have a man date -- mandate as much as he does. he may not like it, but he has to. that's are the republicans i think has the stronger hand. if you don't cave now and you hang on, the republicans will be in a position in the next month or two, i think we will really hit the wall on the debt ceiling probably the end of february, beginning of march, and that's
6:49 pm
when i think they will have the upper hand or at least an equal hand. >> as long as they don't give that away in these negotiations. charles, good to see you. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. >> new york governor andrew cuomo says he would not rule out confiscating at least some guns. will it lead down a slippery slope in we will see. and sam donaldson has a message for the tea party. >> the greatest slogan that i hated during this past campaign was we want to take back our country. guys, it's not your country anymore, it's our country and you are part of it. vs#q'ppu;v?2 try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less.
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>> welcome back.
6:53 pm
talk over the gun control continues in the wake of the newtown school shooting tragedy. new york governor andrew cuomo is taking it to to whole new level. during a radio interview last week governor cuomo said he will consider all options when it comes to gun control legislation, including confiscation. listen to this. >> you could say confiscation could be an option, right? >> yeah. >> sale -- >> we've never done that before i don't think. >> mandatory sale to the state could be an option. >> that's a form of confiscation. >> permitting could be an option. keep your gun but permit it. so there are a number of options. >> now if lawmakers are willing to confiscate certain guns from law-abiding citizens, what else are they willing to do in here's nationally syndicated columnist and author michelle malkin is with us. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> when you hear a governor talk about confiscation and you look at senator feinstein's proposal
6:54 pm
for assault weapons bans. this is an all-out attack against gun owners rights. i want to get your perspective. >> you bet. i think we owe governor cuomo some thanks, at least for being honest or having a momentary lapse of candor here and highlighting and exposing of the true agenda of the gun grabbers. this is not about honoring the newtown victims or doing anything practice to try to prevent the next mass shooting and massacre and horrific event like we had there. this is another cynical exercise in futility and political exploitation of a bloody tragedy. it gives lie to the long time denial of so many of these anti-second amendment groups who are always trying to reassure law-abiding gun owners that, no, no, we're not going after your
6:55 pm
guns. you are being paranoid. you can actually go back and look at the new york times on august 7th, 2012 and you will find a smug liberal op-ed writer who trashes the nra and gun owners for warning about what exactly this kind of confiscation scheme that andrew cuomo is spelling out. and you are absolutely right to point out and pair this flotation of this proposal a long with what is coming down the pike on capitol hill. it's not just about confiscation, it's not just about a registration scheme that would demonize and criminal lies behavior of law a i had booing gun owners but it's about the mandatory sale or buy back program that both feinstein and cuomo have been pushing for for a long time. and remember that the reintroduction of the assault weapons ban, quote, unquote, is something that dianne feinstein
6:56 pm
had in the works in the immediate aftermath of the election even before the newtown massacre occurred. >> you know something, michelle, what really strikes me is it's very interesting, we broke, and rightly so, our presidentings, our politicians, hollywood stars, they all have armed guards protecting them. we protect our money with armed guards. but when anybody mentioned maybe protecting children in our school system with armed guards, they are viewed as extremists. you mentioned exploit ago tragedy here. is there any law that could have been passed that would have prevented this from happening? anything you can think of? >> well, look. connecticut already had a so-called assault weapons ban and it didn't stop that monster from doing what he did. these kind of massively restrictive gun control laws certainly don't stop the bloodshed in obama's chicago, which we talked about last week, or in washington d.c. where so
6:57 pm
many citizens are not protected by armed guards the way that the privileged elites on capitol hill or eelites on so many in the liberal media who are crusading for the gun control laws enjoy. i think what you are getting at and many of us have pointed to is the hypocrisy and double standard among those who have a concealed weapon for me but not for thee agenda, and that includes people like dianne feinstein, who herself was a concealed carry holder when she was in san francisco and the likes of chuck schumer and jay rockefeller who owned an ar15 and michael moore and so many of these elites. now we have the demonization of people who suggest that maybe it should be local school districts and communities that take matters into their own hands. i pointed to a great example here in my own home state of colorado. in west cliff colorado where a
6:58 pm
local city councilman wrote me and told me about a sheriff's jut reach program to citizen volunteers who have been protecting their local school district for ten years now, getting training and working jointly with the sheriff's departments. i think that andrew cuomo maybe ought to talk to his brother, chris cuomo, who himself a member of that liberal democratic family has also endorsed the idea of armed guards in school districts. there are so many other things that do not infringe upon liberty or the second amendment that could go much further along towards preventing the next mass tragedy than what they are proposing now. >> and rob emmanuel's kids are protected by armed guards and the president jokingly said i ran so i can have men with guns around my daughter. and let me ask you about sam donaldson's comments. it's not your country anymore. he actually said these words.
6:59 pm
i want to get your reaction to this. >> the minorities re-elected president obama but i'm going with her. the tea party and the thinking of the tea party and thinking like that that are driving the republicans out of contention as a national party. you cannot win nationally if you don't know something about the way the country has changed and the tea party thinks the country can go back 25 or 30 years. the slowing gal i hated was we want to take back our country. guys, it's not your country anymore, it's our country and you are part of it. but that thinking is going to defeat republicans nationally if they don't get rid of it. >> there he goes. the new tone and civility. i think he has been living in the d.c. bubble way too long and probably hitting the sauce too much. it's par of the long-time demonization of the tea party and talking about people who disagree with so many millions of people out there who adhere to the same principles of the founding fathers did.


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